“Canned tuna, a $40 billion industry, faces existential threats.”

"Canned tuna, a $40 billion industry, faces existential threats."

Did you know there’s a special treasure in the food world, and it’s called Canned tuna? Tuna is super important, and people all around the world love to eat it. But guess what? This treasure is facing some big challenges that we need to talk about.

Canned tuna : by the Numbers

Imagine a treasure worth $40 billion! That’s how much the tuna industry is valued. It’s like a huge playground where tuna plays a big game in the food world. In the U.S. alone, people brought in lots and lots of tuna – over 637.9 million pounds in 2021!

"Canned tuna, a $40 billion industry, faces existential threats."

Tuna in a Can

Guess what most people love? Tuna in a can! Almost 71% of all the tuna that came to the U.S. was in a can. It’s like a magic box full of tasty fish that you can eat anytime. Yum!

Big Players in the Canned tuna Game

Just like superheroes, big companies are in charge of the tuna game. One of them is called Thai Union Group, and they own something cool called Chicken of the Sea. They make sure tuna is everywhere and ready for us to enjoy.

Canned tuna Secret Challenge

Tuna is facing a big challenge, like a tough puzzle it needs to solve. Between 2000 and 2021, people started eating less tuna. Can you believe it? It’s like tuna needed to find a way to be even more delicious to make us love it again.

Changing Tastes and Market Magic

Why did people eat less tuna? Well, sometimes our tastes change. Maybe we started liking other foods more. And there’s something called market consolidation, which means everything about buying and selling food changed a bit. Tuna needed to do some magic to stay popular.

Canned tuna Comeback in 2020

Guess what happened in 2020? The world faced a tricky time with something called Covid-19. But tuna became a superhero! People wanted affordable and yummy food, and tuna was there to save the day. More people ate tuna in 2020 than they did in a long time!

Thai Union’s Adventure

The company Thai Union, like a superhero team, did something amazing. They made lots of profit in 2020 because people loved their tuna. But now, they have some challenges. Inflation and a war far away are making things tricky. They’re like tuna warriors, finding ways to keep making tasty fish.

Canned tuna Troubles

Tuna is facing not only challenges but also troubles. There are big problems like sustainability – making sure we keep having enough tuna without hurting our planet. Climate change and illegal fishing are like villains trying to make it hard for tuna to be happy.

Thai Union’s Strategy

Thai Union is like a wise wizard thinking about what to do. They’re dealing with higher costs, so they raised the prices a bit. And guess what? They’re thinking about using cool machines called automation to help them. It’s like magic to solve problems!

Saving the Tuna Treasure

So, little buddies, the tuna treasure is going through an adventure. It’s facing challenges and troubles, but with superheroes like Thai Union and people who care, we can save the day! Let’s make sure tuna stays tasty and happy for everyone to enjoy!